Mindset is a Key Factor to Success

Mindset is hard for a lot of people because it's a set program. This program is called a paradigm and was formed before you were even allowed to say no. Our subconscious captures this information from our environment, and influences i.e. parents, siblings, television, internet etc.

Once we get to a certain age when we can discover and acquire knowledge at our own free will, there's no excuses.We have the ability to force the paradigm shift into the direction we want to go in.

If our body was a ship paradigms are the sails.

4 types of mindsets

  1. I must win
  2. I must be right
  3. I must be liked
  4. I must be comfortable

Needless to say but number 3 and 4 will probably never make it as entrepreneurs

The rich and wealthy don't work for money.

If you have a financial problem become bigger than the problem. So many people complain about not being able to afford things. That right there is a poor mindset. It's not about spending less it's about making more.

Apply hard work with brain power and you can't lose

Financial education is not about working for money. It's about making money work for you. Time can be your greatest asset or your biggest liability. USE IT WISELY.

If you're not where you want to be challenge your old beliefs. It's extremely difficult, borderline depressing when the realization hits you but it's worth it. Or stay broke and unhappy the choose is yours.

Entrepreneurial Mindset:


Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually.