Good Habits

Separate Yourself

There are 2 types of Habits:

  1. Highly Conscientious - habits that make you feel productive
  2. Highly Open - habits that make you feel creative

To be successful you have to separate yourself. Sometimes that means isolation or sacrificing major events for a better future. A seed grows in the darkness and shows growth once it builds strength to break through the dirt. A simple thing that will separate you from 80% of people is just showing up everyday. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Being an entrepreneur isn't about money. It's about personal growth. It's not easy sometimes it's not fun but I promise you it's worth it.

Steps to Efficacy:

  1. Fuzzy Aspirations
  2. Goals
  3. Habits
  4. Efficacy

If someone has a fuzzy aspiration for more than a week or two and it hasn't translated into a goal they're not serious. The process is simplified when you base your habits off your personality. For example, I like basketball so my habit of exercise would be playing the sport. A good hobby or habit increases creativity, memory, productivity and focus. 

The health of your mental functions will affect your pursuit of goals.

Examples of Goals:

  • Be more of a long term thinker
  • Become  more accountable
  • Take full control of your life
  • Save a certain amount of money
  • Start a business

Examples of Habits:

  • Exercise 
  • Yoga
  • Learning
  • Meditating
  • Learning and speaking different languages

The Goals of Habits:

  1. They allow you to chip away at larger goals
  2. They increase you self efficacy

Efficacy - the capability to accomplish things in the world or the ability to produce the intended results of any plan or goal.