Eastern philosophy vs Western Philosophy

Eastern philosophies

Apply to the Western Mind

Satisfaction with what one has is the key. Meanwhile, Western philosophy focuses on ethics.  Eastern philosophy is also more about the spiritual while Western philosophy is more of a hands-on style. The difference is the โ€œIโ€ of the West, and the โ€œWeโ€ of the East, as one focuses on finding truth and meaning


Ren is the virtue of benevolence, charity, and humanity;

Yi, of honesty and uprightness;

Zhi, knowledge;

Xin, the virtue of faithfulness and integrity;

Li, correct behavior, or propriety, good manners, politeness, ceremony, worship


One list of virtues which is widely promoted in Buddhism are the Pฤramitฤs (perfections) โ€“ Dฤna (generosity), Sฤซla (proper conduct), Nekkhamma (renunciation), Paรฑรฑฤ (wisdom), Viriya (energy), Khanti (patience), Sacca (honesty), Adhiแนญแนญhฤna (determination), Mettฤ (Good-Will), Upekkhฤ (equanimity)


Truth is eternal. 

Brahman is Truth and Reality. 

The Vedas are the ultimate authority. 

Everyone should strive to achieve dharma. 

Individual souls are immortal. 

The goal of the individual soul is moksha.

Taoism(Wu Wei)

When we learn to work with our own Inner Nature, and with the natural laws operating around us, we reach the level of Wu Wei. Then we work with the natural order of things and operate on the principle of minimal effort. Since the natural world follows that principle, it does not make mistakes. 

Mistakes are madeโ€“or imaginedโ€“by man, the creature with the overloaded Brain who separates himself from the supporting network of natural laws by interfering and trying too hard.โ€

                                                                           โ€“ Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh

There is something, chaotic yet complete, which existed before Heaven and Earth. Oh, how still it is, and formless, standing alone without changing, reaching everywhere without suffering harm! It must be regarded as the Mother of the Universe. Its name I know not. To designate it, I call it Tao. Endeavoring to describe it, I call it Great.โ€

                                                                                             -Lao-Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Taoism emphasizes living in harmony with the Tao (a word for 'way' or 'route'). This is known as 'Wu Wei' and it is the alignment with the rhythms of the elements both within and outside our bodies. It is a kind of ebb and flow, an effortless surrender to the natural cycles of the world.

 Be Water My Friends                                                                                                                                                 - Bruce Lee

If westerners can apply the philosophies of the eastern cultures and vice versa we all can be unstoppable.

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I advise anyone interested to further research eastern philosophies. The information here is just to point people in the right direction.